Tutor volunteer enrollment form

Dear Prospective Volunteer, Prospective Volunteer’s Parent,

We are happy that you are enrolling (or enrolling your child) to volunteer as a tutor in SSSPAVE’s Academic Coaching and Tutoring Program (ACT). The aim is to provide free educational improvement programs for children via academic tutoring and coaching for development of life skills. Priority and focus are to providing this service for children who need it most due to either economic or family challenges (Grades 1 – 12).

What you need to know:
# Background check using the finger printing process is required for volunteers 18 years or older (note: This requirement is waived for volunteers assisting adults only. E.g. ESL.)
# There is a mandatory 30-minute tutor orientation prior start of tutoring
# Commitment is one to two hours per week
# Remote tutoring using a platform available and acceptable to volunteers and students
# Tutors and tutees are paired on a schedule mutually agreed upon times

We will keep your information confidential in our database and contact you when opportunities arise. Once the tutoring assignment is finalized, you will be required to sign a Tutor Contract that is based on National Tutor Association Tutor Code of Ethics.

If you have any questions, please email Thank you!